Monday, October 30, 2006


Lesson - 57 : Comparison of Chords of Major Vs Harmonic Minor Scales

Having understood the different chords/triads available in both Major Scale and in Harmonic Minor Scale, let us compare them.

The following table is made to have a comprehensive idea of triads of both the Major and Harmonic Minor Scales..!

You can notice from the above table that, only in cases of the Dominant traids and the Leading Note triads, both the chords type matches..!

Remember this point!

Because in case of modulations from a Major Scale to Minor Scale or vice versa, this is one chord, like a railway junction, where both can merge or both can separate after joining...!

All these may look baffling a little bit…for the first timer….!

But, you can appreciate its basically a simple mathematics and simple logics to arrive at them…!

What I am expecting from you initially, is to appreciate the various names of chords of Major scale and Minor scale and their relative characteristics etc.

Also, Try to play these chords in a broken sequence of notes and feel the difference of the major, minor, diminished and augmented chords.

Broken sequence, I mean playing the notes of the chord individually;

for example, play the Chord of C-Major as C, E, and G separately in sequence (we call it broken chords in WCM) and also play them together as C-E-G as a normal chord is played.

When you play a chord, unless you have very sharp ears, the sound of certain notes may get drowned also.

So practice in both way to appreciate the notes and Chord formed by the notes..!

We have made a reasonable starting with our brief encounters with chords like name and their nature etc.

This itself can give you a lot of proud moment since you have known a lot of jargons by now…!

You can be genuinely happy about that …!

But our searches and researches for the knowledge have to go on….!

As always its wonderful to read your lessons. I have been trying out the combinations on a guitar and its a lot of fun. I encourage other readers to also try, you can find software synths from sites like this:
I like "Music Sculptor 1.7" (can be downloaded from that page), its quite small and simple to use, and you can use your computer keyboard to play the notes.
I hope we can see some chord examples from IR songs in the following lessons.
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