Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Lesson - 66 : Harmony in Life and Music - Perceptions

Harmony is all about the relationships and their co-existance !

Relationship doesn't mean that it will only be a happy and peaceful all the times! But the aim is how to live peacefully together in-spite of the differences!

Many of us, would have seen and felt also, the warmth and affectionate relationships between a Child and its Grand-parents…..!

I could not fully decipher the chemistry behind this wonderful relationship…!

This may be due to the maturity of a grandfather or grandmother, or their longing and desire to return to the old life, ……..or…the mutual love shared without any kind of expectations from both sides….!

Reasons may be many…..!

The same way, the relationships between the child and parent is a different kind…there are some mutual expectations and duties and responsibilities to be fulfilled….!

In such situations the relationships are of love-hate kind…and nothing is stable….!

When the generation grows, one more generation is getting added …! But the relationship chemistry remain the same.

The day-to-day fighting of a mother-daughter on even trivial matters and the grand mother taking side with the grand daughter etc…these are not just cinematic…but real life situations…!

You won’t believe me…! The same kind of features I felt in my professional college life also…!

The fire-brand hatredness and frightening relationship with immediate next year seniors are different from the relationship of third year seniors…!

When they grow….third year become fifth year and first year become third year and so on….carrying on with them the relationships…!

Same is the case with countries of immediate borders and away from borders etc. etc…! Immediate neighbour is always problem !

By this time, you might have more than guessed what I am trying to convey…..!

Music is nothing different from real life…!

Such attractive chemistry of first, third and fifths is what resulting in the formation of beautiful, coherent and cohesive and pleasing Chords….!

When the relationships are at their best you get the excellent HARMONY…..!

People are said to be living in Harmony….when you maintain your individuality intact and at the same time as a group maintain a peaceful and pleasant co-existent for the benefit of everybody…!

Same is the case with musical notes..!

Harmony...whether you are in Static mode or in Dynamic....!

In reality, everything is not always pleasant……! So there are some Discords…! That doesn’t mean that you have to throw them out or eliminate…!

You have to live with them…By embracing them…! By Concealing their mis-deeds….! By appreciating their good deeds and enhancing them…!

Same are the cases with certain musical notes and intervals ! So what is required is…To TREAT them….!

And change their appearance or behaviour and bring them into mainstream….! To maintain the Harmony…!

This is what precisely the Harmony exercises do …..!

There are a lot of rules and guidelines prescribed for that….!

Again rather than the rules….the experience teaches more than anything to deal with such instances….!

That’s why IR can treat the Carnaticised songs so beautifully and still can write chords and harmonise them with excellent blending…!

That’s what Western experts are also wondering about this MAN…!

What according to them might have resulted in a "non-sensical chords and intervals" (and affecting harmony as per their rules…..for such situations) .. it never happened like that ..! ……rather the pieces look at their Best when treated by IR….!

For both the reasonable critics of WCM and CCM , it looks HAUNTING……!

[But for some crooked critics on both sides…..he is making mistakes on their respective rules….! By God’s grace he had the courage to continue his onslaught…..on and on….unmindful of what others say …… and finally triumphed …..! Now it’s easy for anybody to praise him…!]

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