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Lesson - 67 : Harmony & Chords Classifications

Getting back into Harmony…..!

Let us look into the feel….abstract…part of the perceptions of Harmony with reference to the various intervals and the chords made of such intervals…

Very briefly…just to give some hints and to introduce some terminologies…!

For many of you the words like Consonant and Dissonant, Concords and Discords etc etc. may not be new…!

…All the musical terms are part of our normal English also…! But now we are going to se them in their real contextual meaning…!

As we know, the chords are made of intervals….

Generally Intervals like Minor 3rd , Major 3rd , Minor 6th, Major 6th (other than 2nd and 7th) and Perfect Intervals of 4th and 5th are called Consonant intervals.

And the delicate intervals like all Diminished and Augmented as well as the Major & Minor intervals of 2nds and 7ths are called the Dissonant intervals.

Now the Chord formation is done with the Thirds and Fifths.

So Chords also derive the desirability and pleasantness limitations based on them and classified as Concord and Discord.

Chords formed with Consonant Intervals only are called Concords.

Concords leave a satisfactory and finished effect upon our ears.

If one or more Dissonant intervals are found in Chords then they are called the Discords.

So you can easily divide the available Four Chords viz. Major and Minor Chords as Concords and Diminished and Augmented Chords as Discords…!

As already said, Discords shall not give you the feeling that these are totally forbidden.

But what required is to treat them properly.

Meaning… you properly arrange the chords before and after them….. that is to say….you approach and quit a discord in such a fashion that you never feel the awkwardness…!

(Just eating a ginger bit alongwith Upma…..! You enjoy it in fact…).

In WCM Harmony terms, this is called "Preparation and Resolution"

Again a lot of Harmony rules are dedicated to describe such methods and guidelines for Preparation and Resolution aspects also….!

So some more jargons today….Enjoy…!

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