Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Lesson - 69 : SATB & Chords - Concepts Extended

Harmony with more than 4 notes!

We saw the chords of 3 notes (combination of first+third+fifth) only so far…

And for the four part harmony, it was told that one of these 3 notes is to be doubled to get the fourth note.

In fact, chords of 4 notes, 5 notes etc are also there….! These are formed by adding the 7th note, 9th note, 11th note etc….and are called the Chords of Seventh, Ninth, Eleventh etc!

But visualize the complications in such cases….!

As you know 9th, 11th etc are only the octave higher notes of 2nd, 4th etc…..!

You can also easily recognize such adding of additional 3rds one over another, results in intervals of 2nd , 7th, 4th etc….

-which are creating complicated dissonant intervals/ discords etc….
-which may need special treatments !

So further complicated but interesting subject…!

Another aspect to learn is the Chords for Carnatic Pattern… !

As you know Carnatic Raagam with less than 7 swarams, or complicated intervals among notes…..will be a puzzle to harmonise….

Because, if you add a chord to a Canatic melody line, some times (many-a-time) you may land up in notes which are not used in the Raagam itself….!

Additionally, a lot of discords and treatement may be necessitated…as per WCM rules…!

May be CCM have no such problems of discord concept at all , since all these intervals are accepted intervals in CCM !

So far I was trying to cover the conceptual part of Harmony only.

The real harmony learning involves mastering of chord concepts, understanding and following some hundreds of harmony rules, analysis of existing musical pieces of famous composers etc. to follow and break the rules !

IR is the Walking Universe on this subject!

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