Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Lesson - 71 : Musical Terms and Jargons

Today let us learn some of the musical terms which are normally associated in the Score writing & playing !

We Modulate while speaking. Similarly, musical passages also have
- the ups and down,
-its dynamic and static nature,
-smooth and rough playing,
-continuous and discontinuous playing etc etc..

Further, in the score sheet writing, for simplicity and smoothness of musical reading and playing, you may have to use a lot of shorthand and abbreviations; for denoting repetitions of passage, start and end indication etc .

All these are expressed in certain musical terms in WCM and are regularly used by allover the world.

I am listing some of them here, just for your knowledge gain !

If any Indian, claims that he knows Bengali irrespective his state of Origin, you may have to accept the fact…! Because everybody knows the National Anthem which is in Bengali Language….!

Like that…if you know WCM terms, you can claim that you know Italian language…!

The way most of the scientific and medical terms are of Greek and Latin origin, … Similarly, Almost many of the musical terms are of Italian origin….!

(one thing I learnt later, by way of listening to the radio announcer on these subjects, while pronouncing them, “c” is pronounced as ‘ch’ and ‘t’ pronounced as ‘th’ ….etc. …

Try your luck on "pronoun-ch-iasion"… )

Terms and signs are numerous…only a few common words are indicated here.

Apart from such words, a lot of musical shorthand are also written. Which will vary from each custom, each musician, different musical departments etc…!

You will come to know those, when you are encountering them in future….if you take up this music field…!


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