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Lesson - 73 : WCM Time Pattern Summary

Now, for the completeness of WCM lessons, I just want to briefly indicate certain points on Time aspects, which I left out earlier…!

To continue further on this topic, we may have to recall some of our earlier understandings on time durations aspect…!

The various notes of time duration we saw earlier are :

• Whole Note – 4 units of time
• Minim Note – 2 units of time
• Crotchet – 1 units of time
• Quavers– 1/2 units of time
• Semiquavers– 1/4 units of time

Just like our Currency notes and coin situations, how to handle values of in between them?

WCM is having a dotted notes concept.

Meaning….you add a dot by the right side of these notes, then the actual note value is 1.5 times more than the original one.

- A dotted Crotchet is equal to a time value of 1 x 1.5 = one and half notes..!
- A dotted Half notes is equal to a time value of 2 x 1.5 = 3 notes
- A dotted Whole note is equal to a time value of 4 x 1.5 = 6 notes

and so on…….

As we know, a Bar is a measure , which is dividing the musical time into equal values .

Thus each bar will have time durations of 4 units or 3 units or 2 units…etc…!

They are called

Quadruple Time (4 units in a bar) ,
Triple Time (3 units in a bar) and
Duple Time (2 units in a bar) respectively !

However the effective time value of the Bar depends upon the note we select as the “unit duration”.

If we select the unit duration as Crotchet, then each bar will be equivalent to 4 crotchets, or 3 crotchets or 2 crotchets etc….!

Same is the case with other notes also….!

Any notes less than unit duration are grouped together to make one unit…..for easy identifying and playing..!

When we say the time duration, this consists of musical notes as well as the musical RESTS !

Yes….the Silences in music also have same kind of musical value and all the musical gaps and silences are ABSOLUTELY MEASURED CALCULATED SILENCES….!

Thus, the Rests also have value equivalent to Whole note, Half note, Crotchet, Quavers, Semi-quavers etc etc…..!

For the sake of simplicity, the way the key signatures are written in the beginning of musical passage to identify the scale of the song, similarly, TIME SIGNATURES are written in the beginning of the Stave itself and indicates the time pattern to be followed in a song….!

It consist of two numerals….

One at bottom indicates what note is taken for the unit duration (usually crotchet).

The top one indicates how many such units are there in a Bar…!


3 / 4 means (called Three By Four) each bar consists of 3 crotchets equivalent…!

3 / 2 means (called Three By Two) …each bar consists of Two Minim equivalent…!

And so on….

If the unit of time duration is our normal, simple notes like Crotchet or Half note etc…then such time is Called “SIMPLE TIME”…..!

If the unit of time duration is the Dotted notes like Dotted Crotchet or Dotted Half note etc…then such time is Called “COMPOUND TIME”…. .!

Thus we can have Simple Duple Time or Compound Triple Time etc…etc ..!

The following Matrix gives the time signatures possible in a WCM…!

Within single unit duration, there are enormous possibilities of notes combination…!

Since in WCM, percussion instruments are also written with notes on stave… can imagine the permutation and combinations in beats and rhythms possible…!

To minutely detail it out and play as per instructions...!

Again in the Time aspects also, IR is doing a lot of fusion mixing the Time pattern of both WCM and CCM , thereby opening the flood gate of “Timeless.... Timed Classics !”

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